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Let's Set Odds- Who Will Have Worst Record in NFL in 2022?
Photo: Let's Set Odds: Who Will Have Worst Record in NFL in 2022?

Let's Set Odds- Who Will Have Worst Record in NFL in 2022?

NFL teams with projected worst records in the 2022 regular season following the 2022 NFL Draft.

We have moved on from the 2022 NFL Draft and can now start to put together our thoughts for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Several teams had poor offseason's, completed with underwhelming drafts, and are looking towards a futile 2023. Teams like the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers and Washington Commanders had poor offseasons relative to expectations and can be vulnerbale to falling to the bottom of the standings below the likes of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions.

Here are some hypothetical odds for who will have the worst record in the NFL in 2022:

2022 Worst NFL Record Odds

  • Texans: +350
  • Seahawks: +400
  • Lions, Jaguars, Panthers: +500
  • Falcons, Jets: +550
  • Giants, Bears: +700
  • Commanders: +750
  • Saints, Steelers, Dolphins: +900
  • Vikings: +1000
  • Titans, Cardinals: +1150
  • Colts: +1200
  • Eagles, Raiders: +1500
  • Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots: +1750
  • Browns, 49ers: +1800
  • Ravens: +2000
  • Packers, Chargers: +2500
  • Chiefs, Bengals, Buccaneers: +3000
  • Rams, Bills: +4000

Texans, Seahawks Favored to have Worst Record in 2022

The Houston Texans were projected to be the worst team in football last season, but outperformed expectations with rookie quarterback Davis Mills. While the team dealt with the holdout of Deshaun Watson, the team clawed to a 4-13 record, the third worst in the league. However, the team is still projected to be dismal in 2022. It's worth noting that the Texans are in one of the easiest divisions in the NFL with the Jaguars (worst record in the NFL the past two seasons) in the fold.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are the lowest they've been in years after moving on from Russell Wilson. The team traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos and are projected to start Drew Lock after not selecting a new quarterback in the draft. Seattle could be looking at the No. 1 pick come the 2023 draft, playing in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL with the defending champion Los Angeles Rams at the top.

Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers Set to Bottom Out

The Bears had a poor draft that didn't address any of their concerns on the offensive side of the ball, setting up second year quarterback Justin Fields for failure. The team did select eight wide receivers in the draft, but none before Round 3. Who is going to be the impact pass catchers for Fields with Allen Robinson gone? The team acquired picks at the back half of the draft and are likely going to bottom out under first year head coach Matt Eberflus.

Long term? Maybe the Bears are better, but this is going to be a tough year in Chicago.

Carolina also left the draft with questions. The team did select Ole Miss QB Matt Corral, who will compete with Sam Darnold for the starting position, unless the team makes a move for the likes of Baker Mayfield, but the team is still full of questions. With head coach Matt Rhule on the hot seat in Carolina, this is another candidate to bottom out.

Long Shot Teams that Have Worst Records

When going for long shots in this market, I believe you need to look at team's that lean heavily on one key contributor and can be significantly worse with that one player getting hurt. Two teams that come to mind is Tennessee Titans with Derrick Henry and Denver Broncos with Russell Wilson.

The Titans stayed afloat without Henry last season, but the team also traded A.J. Brown to the Eagles. It appears that a rebuild is on the horizon and one more injury to Henry can streamline the process. This is a dark horse team to unravel as we head towards 2022.

The Broncos mortgaged their future to get Wilson, who is coming off of midseason surgery to his finger. If Wilson is not as durable as he once was, their isn't much behind him (Brett Rypien is the current backup) and the team is in the toughest division in the NFL, the AFC West.

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