NFL Draft Buzz Christmas Mock Mock Draft

NFL Draft Buzz Christmas Mock

We've only got a few weeks before we head into the playoffs and so the draft order is mostly set at the top - with the New York teams having four of the top seven picks.

This year we have ...
2022 NFL Mock Draft Mock Draft

2022 NFL Mock Draft

The 2021 NFL draft is all but forgotten - so far from having a break from draft action here is our version of a 'way too early - pin the tail on the donkey' effort at predicting how the 2022 NFL draft...
NFL Draft 2021 Blog Live Mock Draft

NFL Draft 2021 Blog Live

In what could be the most anticipated draft for years, we are going to be grading the draft as the team's picks come in. It kicks off Thursday evening in Cleveland, Ohio. The Jacksonville Jaguars ...
Fitz Mock v5 - final Mock Draft

Fitz Mock v5 - final

Final mock draft after free agency and on the eve of the draft - it feels like the draft this year really starts with pick #4 and it feels like its going to be a really interesting one!
Matts Post Free Agency Mock Mock Draft

Matts Post Free Agency Mock

With Free agency slowing to a snail's pace and no obvious major pre-draft trades on the horizon we've done another mock draft for you. Hopefully, after all the free agency movement, it's going to be...
Fitz Mock v4 - with 49ers trade Mock Draft

Fitz Mock v4 - with 49ers trade

A new mock to reflect the recent blockbuster trade by the Niners swapping picks with the Dolphins and moving up to the #3 pick presumably to select their QB of the future. That trade of Tunsil by the...