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2022 NFL Division Winner Picks Post NFL Draft (Don't Expect Chalk Across the Board)

2022 NFL Division Winner Picks Post NFL Draft (Don't Expect Chalk Across the Board)

NFL Division winner picks after the 2022 NFL Draft.

The dust from the NFL Draft is settled as all the draft grades have been given out and we can look to the regular season.

While most of the top prospects went to rebuilding teams, rookies make an impact every year and can be difference makers for their team. 

Here are the teams I believe are in the best position to win their division following the draft.

2022 NFC Divisional Winners

North: Green Bay Packers (-185)

The Detroit Lions had the best draft in this division, but they still can’t compete with Aaron Rodgers. The 4-time MVP has had a stronghold on the NFC North since he took over and will continue to find a way to win the North – even without Davante Adams. 

South: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-300)

The Buccaneers are in the same category as the Packers. While they didn’t have the best draft in the division, they still have Tom Brady, a stacked defense and a trustworthy coaching staff. Tampa Bay has its sights set on the Super Bowl and the NFC South is a formality.

East: Philadelphia Eagles (+225)

The Eagles walked away from draft night with Jordan Davis on the defensive line, Nakobe Dean at linebacker and Pro-Bowler A.J. Brown and that gives them one of the best draft nights. Philadelphia now has a way to create pressure with four again and have filled their hole at wide receiver. 

West: Los Angeles Rams (+135)

The Rams, even without picks, won the draft because they got a Super Bowl title and used their picks to get top end talent. Los Angeles is in win now mode and with Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner coming to the team, the Rams will be as potent as ever. 

2022 AFC Divisional Winners

North: Cleveland Browns (+165)

The Browns gave up their picks to go get Deshaun Watson, which arguably gives them the best quarterback in the division. Cleveland has the best all around roster in the division, and Watson puts the team over the top. 

South: Indianapolis Colts (+110)

The AFC South will be competing for the title of worst division in football this season. Jacksonville and Houston are still rebuilding and the Titans are falling apart. The Colts’ roster is fantastic and now has the best quarterback it has had since Andrew Luck retired. Matt Ryan will be better than Carson Wentz was last season, so the Colts are the clear favorite to me. 

East: Buffalo Bills (-230)

This one is simple. The Bills, despite losing the draft to the Jets, are one of the three best teams in football. It's a Super Bowl or bust for them. The AFC East is now theirs for years to come. 

West: Kansas City Chiefs (+160)

The Chiefs walked into the draft with clear holes. Their defense was suspect and they didn’t have the wide receiving crew we’d been used to. However, the Chiefs left with two first-round defensive talents, a speedster in Skyy Moore and a safety in the second round. The AFC West is an arms race right now, and the Chiefs just got potential to be nuclear on both sides. 

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