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Owen Pappoe  LB  Auburn | NFL Draft 2023 Souting Report - Portrait Image
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Owen Pappoe LB Auburn | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Owen Pappoe LB Auburn
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

40 time: 4.38 seconds
Height: 6-1 Weight: 226
Date of Birth: 09/29/2000 Age: 21.7
Overall Rating: 83.2 / 100
Game performance weighted rating
Pass Rush:
Run Defense:
DRAFT GRADE: 3rd Position rank: #10
College Games: 29 College Snaps: 1430
ESPN College Recruiting
ESPN Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars (91/100)
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #5 Pos Rank: #1 State Rank: #2
College Combine Results
247 Sports Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars (98.79/100 )
Ovr Rank: #28 Pos Rank: #3
Draft Profile: Bio
Owen Pappoe was a five-star recruit from Grayson High School in Georgia who was rated as the nation’s #1 outside linebacker prospect and the #2 player out of the state of Georgia.
He predictably was widely recruited and opted to join Auburn. They gave him a chance to compete as a freshman and he didn't disappoint - putting up 49 total tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 2 pass deflections, and a forced fumble. He upped these numbers in 2020 with 93 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, an interception, 2 pass deflections, with a fumble recovery.

2021 has been somewhat of a disappointment for Pappoe who suffered a leg injury against Penn State and as a result, only played in only five games all year and didn't standout in any of them.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Auburn's Owen Pappoe (6'1/209), who calls himself 'the Freak' is a five-star talent who has been compared to Alabama LB Dylan Moses. ESPN's Tom Luginbill said the two have "physical traits you can't coach" and that was on display at a recruiting event in 2018 when Pappoe put up a 40-inch vertical and ran a 4.47-second 40-yard dash he is reportedly even quicker now.
  • A natural leader - has been the head of the Auburn defense for two years
  • Equally good against the run and the pass
  • Closes quickly on relatively immobile quarterbacks. A consistently heavy hitter who flashes explosiveness and the ability to separate the ball.
  • Keeps feet moving after initial contact. Jumps inside as a counter to typical rush, but needs to show a larger variety of moves.
  • Pappoe reads the offensive line well and attacks blocking schemes - has a natural feel for the game.
  • Twitchy athlete who translates the testing explosion onto the field. Uses his outstanding closing speed to disrupt opposing offenses both as a blitzer and striker in space.
  • Shows toughness to get under the pads of tackles to bull them, club them upfield to get the inside lane, or fight through blocks for the secondary rush when the passer steps up.
  • A very smart player who understands the nuances of the game - and is instinctive in coverage
  • Can attack the edge with speed and has the flexibility to dip low and under the tackle's reach.
  • Quick hands prevent blockers from getting their hands into his frame.
  • Greet feel in coverage. Often arrives at the receiver at the same time as the ball, giving up few yards after the catch. Possesses straight-line speed to stay with or chase down receivers in man.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • For all his natural talent and game skills he has never performed to the level we would have expected .- we have never graded him better than good in any single season
  • Only 6'1" and 226lbs which makes him undersized for the position
  • Lacks the strength to blow up fullbacks and bulk/length to prevent getting engulfed by better linemen at the second level.
  • Pappoe can struggle to get off blocks, and he doesn’t have the raw strength to move bigger tackles.
  • To often bites on play-action fakes. Must improve this area of the game in the NFL
Scouting Report: Summary
Pappoe may not be the biggest or strongest linebacker prospect in the SEC, but he does flash the kind of elite playmaking ability with crazy speed and range that NFL teams love. He, however, needs to play up to his athletic traits which thus far he has fallen a little short of doing so.
Pappoe has great potential if he can hone his skills and is positioned in a scheme that takes full advantage of his talents.
We expect Pappoe to be selected in the second/third round in the 2023 NFL Draft and develop into a playmaker at the next level.
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