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Calen Bullock  S  USC | NFL Draft 2024 Souting Report - Portrait Image
Calen Bullock
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Pasadena, CA
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Calen Bullock S USC | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Calen Bullock S USC
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

ROLE: Man-Zone Slot/Nickel Safety
Last Updated: 02/10/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.55 seconds (56%*)
Age: 20.9 DOB: 04/30/2003
Height: 6-3 (91%*) Weight: 190 (12%*)
Forty: 4.55 (O) (56%*)
0% 100%
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other (HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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Last Updated: 02/10/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.55 seconds (56%*)
Age: 20.9 DOB: 04/30/2003
0% 100%
Height: 6-3 (91%*) Weight: 190 (12%*)
Forty: 4.55 (O) (56%*) Shuttle: DNP
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
For an explanation of how the (HS) data is calculated see this article
Overall Rating: 86.4 / 100
Average rating of opposition Offense player has faced
Offense Rating:
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QB Rating When targeted: 95.2
Run Defense:
Overall Rank: #45 Position rank: #12
College Games: 37 College Snaps: 2102
Grade: 3 ESPN  Stars 3 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 78/100
Grade: 247 Sports 4  Stars 247 Sports 93 Stars 247 RATING: 93/100
Grade: 4 Stars 4 Stars RIVALS RATING: 5.9 (97%)
Player Comparison* (Similarity level)
Jordan Battle - Alabama
Trevon Moehrig - TCU
Antonio Johnson - Texas A&M
Draft Profile: Bio
Hailing from Pasadena, CA, and showcasing his talents at John Muir High School, Calen Bullock stood out as a formidable two-way player, excelling both as a wide receiver and defensive back. His high school prowess earned him a 4-star ranking from 247 Sports, marking him as one of the top dual-threat athletes nationally. ESPN's slightly more conservative 3-star rating didn't detract from his appeal to top college programs, ultimately leading Bullock to commit to USC, a testament to his sought-after abilities on the field.

Starting as a part-time safety in his freshman year in 2021, participated in 12 games on 473 snaps. His debut season stats were decent, with 30 tackles, 8 assists, 10 stops, 4 pass breakups, and 2 interceptions, with A QB rating when targetted to 77.5.

In 2022, as a full-time starter, Bullock's impact on the field deepened. Over 13 games and 784 snaps, he ramped up his contributions to 41 tackles, 12 assists, 6 stops, alongside 4 pass breakups, an increased tally of 5 interceptions, and a QB rating of 89.
His junior year in 2023 with Bullock took part in 12 games, playing 845 snaps, and making 54 tackles, 10 assists, 15 stops, 7 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and a less impressive QB rating of 97.0 when targeted.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Exhibits elite ball skills, leveraging his high school experience as a receiver to excel in pass defense.
  • Displays instinctual play recognition, adept at reading quarterbacks and anticipating plays, making him a threat in coverage.
  • Strong tackler, showcasing good physicality and technique in open-field situations.
  • Versatile in coverage, capable of performing effectively in both zone and man assignments.
  • Contributes on special teams, demonstrating a well-rounded skill set and football IQ.
  • Good speed and agility, allowing for effective coverage across large portions of the field.
  • Has shown the ability to make plays on the ball in critical moments, highlighting his clutch factor.
  • Acts like a coach on the field - quick thinker who calls defensive audibles
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Lacks elite explosiveness, which could limit his effectiveness against faster receivers in the NFL.
  • While aggressive, can occasionally miss tackles by overcommitting, suggesting an area for improvement in technique.
  • Deep zone positioning at times limits involvement in run support, indicating a need for better anticipation in the run game.
  • Can improve in disengaging from blockers, enhancing his ability to contribute in run defense.
  • Needs to refine his angles to the ball on deep plays to maximize his impact in preventing big gains.
Scouting Report: Summary
Calen Bullock's tape at USC reveals a DB with a keen nose for the ball, showcasing top-tier ball-hawking skills that make him a threat in any secondary. His ability to flip the field—thanks to his receiver-like hands and sharp instincts—makes him a valuable asset in coverage. Bullock reads QBs like a book and jumps routes with ease, displaying the anticipation skills that scouts drool over. However, his move to the pros will spotlight areas for growth, particularly in run support and physicality at the point of attack. Bullock will need to beef up and sharpen his tackling technique to withstand the NFL's grind.

Bullock's agility and coverage versatility stand out, but elevating his game will hinge on refining his fundamentals—getting off blocks, closing speed, and tackling consistency are musts. His special teams play highlights his all-around game and football IQ, suggesting he's got the makeup of a player who contributes from Day One. Yet, the leap to the NFL is as much about mental fortitude as physical readiness, and Bullock's ability to adapt and evolve his game will be key.

Bullock brings the mix of athleticism, instinct, and versatility that teams covet in the NFL. With a bit of polish and strength conditioning, he's got the ceiling of a secondary stalwart capable of matching up with the league's best. His readiness to engage in the finer points of DB play—footwork, angle discipline, and wrap-up tackling—will dictate his trajectory. Bullock isn't just a prospect; he's a project with Pro Bowl potential.

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