Demorie Tate
Demorie Tate  CB  Florida State | NFL Draft 2023 Souting Report - Portrait Image
Demorie Tate
Florida State
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Orlando, FL
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Demorie Tate CB Florida State | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Demorie Tate CB Florida State
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Overall Rank: #322 Position Rank: #56 (DB)
40 time: 4.42 seconds
Height: 6-1 Weight: 194
Overall Rating: 75.3 / 100
Game performance weighted rating
Run Defense:
DRAFT PROJECTION: UDFA Position rank: #56
College Games: 1 College Snaps: 14
ESPN College Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars (84/100)
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #77 Pos Rank: #6
College Combine Results
247 Sports Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars (98.28/100 )
Ovr Rank: #22 Pos Rank: #3
Draft Profile: Bio
Demorie Tate attended Freedom High School and was rated a 4-star prospect by 247 Sports with a scout's rating of 0.983, going unranked by ESPN. Following high school, Tate opted to join Florida State after being heavily recruited.

In 2021 as a freshman Tate saw action in just one game and played a total of 14 snaps at Cornerback for the Seminoles. He recorded no tackles, no assists, while adding no stops. In coverage Tate notched up no pass breakups, no interceptions, and QB rating when targetted of 104.2.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Gets an effective jam on the receiver and has loose enough hips to turn and run.
  • Good instincts and anticipation reads and reacts with discipline. Dangerous with the ball in his hands.
  • Tate has the quick feet and loose hips to line up in press, where Tate has the size and strength to get physical, and then the quick feet to mirror.
  • Long and fast and has the ability to dominate receivers as a press corner. He has a strong punch that upsets receivers early in the route, and he has the straight-line speed to recover downfield if he loses early.
  • Has the quick feet to mirror receivers underneath. He also has the fluid hips and top-end speed to turn and run downfield. Tate shows good awareness when dropping into zone coverage, with good route recognition and the ability to break quickly and cover a lot of ground.
  • Gives great effort in run support, sticking his nose in as a tackler, and should be able to contribute as a special teamer covering kicks.
  • Has good cover skills, athleticism and big -play ability to be a lead cornerback if he matures.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Tate runs well, but Tate doesn’t have elite recovery speed.
  • Better in press coverage than in off coverage, when he can look shaky and unsure when transitioning out of his backpedal. He’ll give up throws underneath.
  • Susceptible to double moves, though that could be coached out of him. But the problem is that he doesn’t track the ball downfield, and he seems to lack the ball skills to break up plays.
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