Jaden Crumedy
Jaden Crumedy  DT  Mississippi State | NFL Draft 2023 Souting Report - Portrait Image
Jaden Crumedy
Mississippi State
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Hattiesburg, MS
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Jaden Crumedy DT Mississippi State | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Jaden Crumedy DT Mississippi State
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

40 time: 5.00 seconds
Height: 6-5 Weight: 310
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Overall Rating: 64.0 / 100
Game performance weighted rating
Pass Rush:
Run Defense:
DRAFT GRADE: UDFA Position rank: #71
College Games: 36 College Snaps: 1435
ESPN College Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars (79/100)
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Draft Profile: Bio
Jaden Crumedy from Oak Grove High High School was rated a 79 star prospect by ESPN with a scout's rating of 79. Following high school, Crumedy opted to join Mississippi State.

In 2018 as a freshman Crumedy saw action in 2 games and played on a total of 10 snaps for the Bulldogs. He recorded no tackles, no assists, while adding no stops.

As a sophomore for the Bulldogs in 2019 Crumedy played in 11 games and took part on 367 snaps for the Bulldogs. He recorded 11 tackles, 5 assists, while adding 9 stops. As a pass rusher, he chalked up 6 total pressures, and 3 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and one sack during the year.

In 2020 as a junior Crumedy played in 11 games and contributed on 539 snaps. He recorded 22 tackles, 7 assists, while making 19 stops. As a pass rusher, he produced 14 total pressures, which included 12 QB hurries, no QB hits, and 2 sacks on the year.

In 2021 as a senior Crumedy logged playing time in 12 games and logged a total of 519 snaps for the Bulldogs. He also added 8 tackles, 11 assists, and 6 stops. As a pass rusher, he tallied 12 total pressures, which included 5 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and one sack on the season.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Penetrates through gaps, often forcing running backs to elude him or the back end of the offensive lineman he's pushing before they even reach the line.
  • He has impressive movement skills for a player with his size and strength, but he isn't yet a finished product.
  • Big-bodied rusher with very good upper-body strength. Strong and stout at the point of attack with the measurables to occupy multiple blockers.
  • Pops off tape due to his explosive first few steps. While powerful, doesn't rock the guard/ center back with his upper-body strength or explode into tackles.
  • Good strength and balance to sit down, lock-out and create a pile, leading to possibilities inside and out (in the 3-4).
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Average athletically with average straight line speed and tight hips. Not a natural bender. Lacks secondary pass-rush moves.
  • He struggles with leverage off the snap and plays too tall, limiting his effectiveness as a pass rusher.
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