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Mike Sainristil CB Michigan | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Mike Sainristil CB Michigan
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

ROLE: Slot/Nickel Man/Press CB
Last Updated: 04/21/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.47 seconds (61%*)
Height: 5-9 (10%*) Weight: 182 (12%*)
Hands: 8 1/2 (19%*) Arm: 30 7/8 (37%*)
Forty: 4.47 (C) (61%*) Shuttle: 4.01 (C) (85%*) Ten Yard: 1.51 (C) (82%*)
Vertical: 40 (C) (92%*) Broad: 131 (C) (94%*)
Three Cone: 6.99 (C) (39%*) Bench: 14 (C) (45%*)
0% 100%
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ROLE: Slot/Nickel Man/Press CB
Last Updated: 04/21/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.47 seconds (61%*)
0% 100%
Height: 5-9 (10%*) Weight: 182 (12%*)
Hands: 8 1/2 (19%*) Arm: 30 7/8 (37%*)
Forty: 4.47 (C) (61%*) Shuttle: 4.01 (C) (85%*)
10 Yard: 1.51 (C) (82%*)
Vertical: 40 (C) (92%*) Broad: 131 (C) (94%*)
3 Cone: 6.99 (C) (39%*) Bench: 14 (C) (45%*)
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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Overall Rating: 86.1 / 100
Average rating of opposition Offense player has faced
Offense Rating:
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QB Rating When targeted: 77.2
Run Defense:
Overall Rank: #51 Position rank: #8
College Games: 29 College Snaps: 1238
Grade: 4 ESPN  Stars 4 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 80/100
Grade: 247 Sports 3  Stars 247 Sports 88 Stars 247 RATING: 88/100
Grade: 3 Stars 3 Stars RIVALS RATING: 5.6 (92%)
Player Comparison* (Similarity level)
Asante Samuel Jr. - Florida State
Clark Phillips III - Utah
Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson - TCU
Washington Commanders Drafted: ROUND: 2 - Pick Number: 50 (WSH)
Draft Profile: Bio
Emerging from Everett High School in Massachusetts with a dual-threat capability, Mike Sainristil transitioned from a high-impact wide receiver to a formidable cornerback for the Wolverines. Initially joining as a three-star recruit, his journey saw a pivotal switch in 2022 to fill a crucial void in Michigan's defense.

After playing little as a freshman, as a sophomore, in 2022 as a junior Sainristil played in 13 games and contributed on 623 snaps. He chalked up 43 tackles, 7 assists, and added 24 stops. In the secondary Sainristil forced 6 pass breakups, no interceptions, and gave up QB rating when targetted of 91.4. He also logged 8 total pressures, and 2 sacks on the year

In 2023 as a senior Sainristil saw action in 13 games while playing 551 snaps. He logged 19 tackles, 10 assists, and made 11 stops. In coverage Sainristil had 6 pass breakups, 5 interceptions, and surrendered QB rating when targetted of 66.6. He also chalked up 10 total pressures, and 2 sacks on the season
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Exceptional ball skills, showcasing his wide receiver background with the ability to secure interceptions and defend passes aggressively.
  • Exhibits a relentless motor and unmatched effort on every play, demonstrating endurance and persistence.
  • Advanced route recognition capabilities, reflecting his deep understanding of offensive schemes and anticipation of receiver moves.
  • Highly competitive and scrappy, he engages fiercely against opponents, often outplaying his physical dimensions.
  • Outstanding blitzing ability, especially off the edges, complemented by a quick closing burst to disrupt the backfield.
  • Proficient in zone coverage, leveraging his intelligence and field awareness to position himself optimally and challenge quarterbacks.
  • Demonstrates quick, twitchy movements and the footwork necessary to maintain coverage in man situations, despite needing more experience.
  • Strong run support, willing to step up and contribute to tackling, showcasing his physicality beyond his size.
  • Scouting Report: Weaknesses
    • Limited by size, presenting challenges in matching up against bigger receivers and in physical confrontations.
    • Lacks optimal functional strength, which can be a disadvantage in direct physical matchups and press situations.
    • Experience at cornerback is relatively limited, necessitating further development in recognition and route anticipation.
    • Struggles with fluidity in man coverage transitions, occasionally allowing receivers to gain advantageous positioning.
    • Sometimes too reliant on anticipation, leading to susceptibility against more nuanced or deceptive route running.
    Scouting Report: Summary
    Mike Sainristil's journey from offense to defense showcases his adaptability and high football IQ, making him an intriguing prospect for NFL teams. His tenure as a wide receiver has imbued him with elite ball skills and an innate ability to read the game from a defensive perspective. However, his transition to cornerback has highlighted areas for development, notably in man coverage fluidity and dealing with physical mismatches Sainristil's quick processing and zone coverage savvy are assets, but his effectiveness in press situations and against larger receivers will be tested at the next level.

    In terms of strengths, Sainristil's ability to close on the ball and his prowess in creating turnovers make him a potential game-changer in the secondary. His aggressive approach and willingness to support the run are commendable, though his tackling technique and functional strength could use refinement.

    Projected as a likely Day 2 selection, Sainristil's ceiling in the NFL is tied to his ability to adapt and refine the nuances of the cornerback position. His blend of competitiveness, football intelligence, and special teams value could see him carve out a significant role early in his career. However, teams will weigh his upside against the need for development and potential limitations due to size.

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