T.J. Tampa
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T.J. Tampa
Iowa State
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St. Petersburg, FL
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T.J. Tampa CB Iowa State | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

T.J. Tampa CB Iowa State
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

ROLE: Outside Zone CB
Last Updated: 04/21/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.45 seconds (68%*)
Age: 22.4 DOB: 03/13/2002
Height: 6-1 (81%*) Weight: 189 (34%*)
Hands: 9 5/8 (73%*) Arm: 32 1/8 (67%*)
Forty: 4.45 (O) (68%*)
0% 100%
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ROLE: Outside Zone CB
Last Updated: 04/21/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.45 seconds (68%*)
Age: 22.4 DOB: 03/13/2002
0% 100%
Height: 6-1 (81%*) Weight: 189 (34%*)
Hands: 9 5/8 (73%*) Arm: 32 1/8 (67%*)
Forty: 4.45 (O) (68%*)
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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Overall Rating: 85.8 / 100
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Offense Rating:
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QB Rating When targeted: 59.6
Run Defense:
Overall Rank: #57 Position rank: #10
College Games: 41 College Snaps: 1780
Grade: 3 ESPN  Stars 3 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 74/100
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #553 Pos Rank: #206 State Rank: #184
College Combine Results
Grade: 247 Sports 3  Stars 247 Sports 84 Stars 247 RATING: 84/100
Ovr Rank: #1167 Pos Rank: #171
Grade: 3 Stars 3 Stars RIVALS RATING: 5.6 (92%)
Player Comparison* (Similarity level)
Riley Moss - Iowa
Devon Witherspoon - Illinois
Cam Smith - South Carolina
Baltimore Ravens Drafted: ROUND: 4 - Pick Number: 130 (BAL)
Draft Profile: Bio
TJ Tampa, emerging from Iowa State, has been a cornerstone of the Cyclones' defense, showcasing a blend of size, agility, and technical prowess that sets him apart as a top cornerback prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft. Originating from St. Petersburg, FL, Tampa developed his skills at Lakewood HS, playing on both sides of the ball. His transition from a special teams contributor to a full-time starter was marked by significant growth, culminating in Second-Team All-Big 12 honors in 2022 and a robust performance in 2023.

In 2022 as a junior Tampa played in 12 games and contributed on 642 snaps. He chalked up 38 tackles, 10 assists, and added 14 stops. In the secondary Tampa forced 8 pass breakups, one interception, and gave up QB rating when targetted of 70.7.

In 2023 as a senior Tampa saw action in 12 games while playing 747 snaps. He logged 44 tackles, 5 assists, and made 14 stops. In coverage Tampa had 6 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and surrendered an outstanding QB rating when targetted of 54.8.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Impressive size and length for the cornerback position, augmented by long arms and a strong frame, enabling effective press coverage and disruption of receivers.
  • Exhibits fluid hip movement and quick acceleration, allowing for seamless transitions and the ability to close on the ball rapidly.
  • Utilizes excellent positioning and hand usage throughout routes to maintain close coverage and demonstrates adept ball skills in playing the trajectory and timing interceptions well.
  • Brings a physical presence to run defense, using his size and strength to impact beyond just pass coverage.
  • Shows scheme versatility, effectively playing in both man and zone coverages, and possesses the burst and length needed for impactful playmaking.
  • As a former two-way high school player, Tampa has developed a keen sense of the game, contributing to his high football IQ and on-field awareness.
  • Noted for his ability to quickly diagnose plays and react, adding a dynamic layer to his defensive capabilities.
  • Strong tackler in the open field, showcasing good fundamentals and physicality, though there's room for improvement in consistency.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Sometimes displays inconsistency in pad level, affecting his quickness in directional changes.
  • Although a willing and physical tackler, the technique can lapse, particularly in wrapping up to secure tackles.
  • Aggressive play style can lead to overcommitment and unnecessary risks, potentially allowing opponents to capitalize on big plays.
  • Transition fluidity and change of direction against quick, agile receivers can be areas of improvement.
  • Needs to refine hand usage and maintain discipline in press coverage to maximize effectiveness without drawing penalties.
Scouting Report: Summary
TJ Tampa's size and press coverage skills stand out, offering the physicality to jam receivers at the line and disrupt routes early. His success in both man and zone schemes at Iowa State, combined with his ball skills, make him an impressive candidate for teams looking to bolster their secondary. However, his technique, especially as a tackler and maintaining lower pad levels, will need refinement to ensure he can handle the step up to the next level.

Tampa's aggressive play style and willingness to engage physically in both coverage and run support are double-edged swords. While they contribute to his impactful presence on the field, they also expose him to the risk of missed tackles and penalties, areas that NFL coaching will need to address. His inclination to take risks in coverage can lead to big plays but also big gains for the offense, necessitating a balance between aggression and discipline in his approach.

Ultimately, Tampa offers a compelling combination of attributes and potential that could see him contribute early in his NFL career. His play at the next level will hinge on his ability to adapt and refine his technique, particularly against the diverse and sophisticated route trees he will face. If he can address these coachable weaknesses, Tampa has the upside to develop into a key player within an NFL secondary, leveraging his height, weight, and speed matchup strengths in coverage to become a dominant player. Teams drafting him will do so with the expectation of investment in his development, aiming to maximize his outstanding physical tools. He has all the talent and athletic ability to be an excellent starting outside corner in the pro game.

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