Pick Team Pos Player
Still no changes here and not an awful lot to say about this pick - the ultimate no brainer - a team with nothing at QB, with a new coach, in need of a new direction and the best player in the draft being at a premium position and fitting an enormous need. I am sure that they will still drag it out on the night for maximum drama though!
A change here as the Falcons move up to #2 to bring in Matt Ryan's replacement - Fields is running cold and could slide and I think that the Falcon's will do what they need to do to ensure they get the guy that seems to be the consensus #2 QB on most boards
Continuing to stick with Devonta Smith to the Phins - it feels like Smith is now the hottest WR prospect. Again I believe that the Phins will be hoping to see some big improvements in Tua in 2021 and Smith will help (especially given their familiarity with one another).
This is where the draft really begins - so hard to tell what they are thinking - on balance I think that they will give Sam another year to see what he can do under a new coaching regime - if that is the case then it will be one of the top receivers after a small move down.
Again, no changes here - the Bengals have their QB of the future and so need to keep him upright - and the Bengal's bottom 3 ranked offensive line failed to do that in 2020 - Burrow was sacked 32 times (t-2nd most) and to 42 hits (t-5th most) over the first 11 weeks of the season (before suffering a season ending injury) - Sewell is the answer to Joe's prayers.
Kyle Pitts
The Eagles will be sad to see the top receivers off the board and so look to move ahead with Pitts instead - the other top receiving entity (especially as Zach Ertz looks like a trade candidate coming off the back of one of his worst seasons)
A change here - following on from the Stafford trade I no longer have the Lions taking a QB to build around as due to the contract they will be stuck with Goff for a year or two at least and so even a developmental prospect like Trey Lance seems too early now - so instead they go with an exciting prospect at WR with their top receivers eligible to hit free agency. Signing Tyrell Williams does not detract from the need here.
Justin Fields
Ohio State
I still see the Panthers going for a QB but this time around Fields is still on the Board - they need someone to be the face of the franchise post-Cam Newton and get the fan base excited for the future and this time around there is a safer prospect that Lance for them to achieve that goal.
Caleb Farley
Virginia Tech
The Broncos still need help at cornerback - and Farley continues to gain ground heading into the draft over the other DB prospects. Caleb will be an upgrade to their secondary and solidify the position for a long time.
Sticking with back-to -back CB picks as Surtain comes off the board - CB is a premium position and we would expect to see a couple every first round - there were not many teams that gave up more passing touchdowns in 2020 than the Cowboys (and their defense as a whole was bad). After signing Prescott to a mega deal the Cowboys better start hoping they hit with a lot of their draft picks.
Kwity Paye
Giants are feeling sad the way this mock has played out with all the top receiving prospects off the board so instead they will need to hope that they addressed that need in free agency as here they look to the other side of the ball and look to improve their somewhat anaemic pass rush.
Trey Lance
North Dakota State
I still think that the Niners will look to trade for a QB but here they are going for broke in an exciting but high risk QB prospect in Lance after they send Jimmy G back to Boston (and pick up a mid round pick in return).
Christian Darrisaw
Virginia Tech
The Chargers look to have a star in the making in Herbert and need to make sure that they keep him on the field and the Chargers still grab a big body for the line but this time around it is Darrisaw.
Micah Parsons
Penn State
The Vikings bring Parsons' slide down the board to a halt. The Vikings need more talent at linebacker especially with Barr having a number of injuries this season and carrying a huge hit against the cap.
Rashod Bateman
Patriots are not happy - all the top QB prospects are gone as are the top receivers - still Bateman could prove to be as good as any of them and the Patriots go for the big receiver (it will be interesting to see who is throwing to him however).
Jaycee Horn
South Carolina
Cardinals are pretty happy with how this has played out - they have a big need at cornerback and one of the top prospects is still available this time around after the Niners go in a different direction this time.
The Raiders are feeling good this time around - lots of offensive skill players going early has left lots of really talented defensive prospects available to them - Rousseau was on the best outside defenders in 2019 (opting out of 2020) - a boom or bust prospect with limited tape - the Raiders are known for taking risks and do it again here.
Sticking with the linebacker position for the Phins as it is an area of need - and sticking with the same player - a speedy linebacker with good cover skills to help protect one of the worst performing defenses in 2020.
Mac Jones
A big change here - Washington are another team in flux - don't be fooled by their making the playoffs - this is a team that needs to improve in a lot of areas they are just lucky enough to be in the NFC East (which is a long way from its status in the 80s as the power conference of the NFL) - previously it felt like there was no QB prospect worth taking here but Mac Jones is getting hotter and hotter and could well be the fourth QB taken in the first round.
The Bears are feeling gutted - all the top receivers are gone, Jones is gone who was also a possibility - lots of possibilities but sticking with a receiver, just feels like a bit more of a reach.
Having grabbed their QB of the immediate future at least in the deal to take Stafford the Colts are certainly going to need to shore up their O-line so the pick of a tackle makes even more sense than in the last mock - it just a different player (again) with Cosmi being the pick this time around.
A change for the Titans - they need more firepower on their defense and they can get that with Ojulari who some argue is the best defensive prospect in the draft.
If they are going to give Darnold a chance then he needs a running game and at present the Jets don't have it - this feels like a bit of a reach given how many good backs there will be in later rounds and this pick will likely change next time around - but will go with the best RB in the draft for now.
Rashawn Slater
Steelers are still taking a tackle but this time it is Slater that has slipped down the board and to the Steelers as they look to protect Ben as best they can in his final season or two.
Jalen Mayfield
The Jags get some help to protect Lawrence - this time around Darrisaw is gone and so they look to Mayfield instead as we see a bit of a run of offensive line players. Some really good defensive players left on the Board and so they may feel there is better value elsewhere.
Browns are pleased to see in this mock that Collins has slipped a couple of spots - a quick, versatile and powerful presence - he can become a cornerstone for the Browns
No change in position but a change in player - the only way the Ravens are going to beat the Chiefs is to score more points than them and so they need to mix things up with their run heavy offense to keep defenses honest - so they look to strengthen their WR corps.
saints are feeling happy - instead of reaching for a CB prospect the best safety in the draft falls into their laps.
Again, no change in position but a change in player - I cannot see Rodgers playing anywhere other than Green bay in 2021 and the Packers clearly need to keep Rodgers happy and what QB doesn't like a new toy to throw to.
Wyatt Davis
Ohio State
No need for any change here - a great value pick at this point, one of the top offensive line prospects in the draft and you can never have too many good players along the line as the Bills look to solidify their position at the top of the AFC East
Nick Bolton
Again no change here - Mahomes getting paid means that sacrifices have to be made elsewhere on the squad and one area where the Chiefs may find themselves having to make difficult decisions is at LB and so Bolton makes good sense here - a dynamic playmaker that can do it all.
A change here as the Bucs decided instead to add some youth to their defensive line, which could see some expensive departures during free agency.