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Nick Herbig OLB/EDGE Wisconsin | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Nick Herbig OLB/EDGE Wisconsin
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Overall Rank: #245 Position Rank: #30 (LB)
40 time: 4.58 seconds
Height: 6-2 Weight: 228
Overall Rating: 78.4 / 100
Stock Down
Game performance weighted rating
Pass Rush:
Run Defense:
DRAFT PROJECTION: UDFA Position rank: #30
College Games: 31 College Snaps: 1510
ESPN College Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars (83/100)
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #144 Pos Rank: #13
College Combine Results
247 Sports Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars (93.59/100 )
Ovr Rank: #112 Pos Rank: #8
Draft Profile: Bio
Nick Herbig from St Louis High School was rated a 4-star recruit by ESPN and handed a 4-star grade by 247 Sports. After high school, Herbig joined Wisconsin after being heavily recruited.

In 2020 as a freshman Herbig saw action in 7 games and played a total of 343 snaps at Edge Rusher for the Badgers. He recorded 23 tackles, 2 assists, while adding 17 stops. In coverage Herbig notched up no pass breakups, no interceptions, and a decent QB rating when targetted of 79.2. As a pass rusher, he added 5 total pressures, which included 2 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and one sack on the season.

As a sophomore for the Badgers in 2021 Herbig played in 13 games and took part in 647 snaps for the Badgers. He recorded 42 tackles, 14 assists, while adding 36 stops. In coverage Herbig made 2 pass breakups, no interceptions, and QB rating when targetted of 108.6. As a pass rusher, he chalked up 41 total pressures, and 26 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and an excellent 9 sacks during the year.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • He’s very good in coverage when looking into the backfield in zone coverage.
  • Herbig has good quickness and an excellent understanding of angles, often beating blockers to the spot.
  • He’s a fluid mover in pursuit as well, capable of moving down the line and making plays in pursuit.
  • He plays bigger than his listed size, with the functional strength and motor to take on and hold ground against much bigger blockers.
  • Closes quickly on relatively immobile quarterbacks. A consistently heavy hitter who flashes explosiveness and the ability to separate the ball.
  • Accelerates rapidly and has a great feel for angles. Herbig isn’t huge, but Herbig packs a pop.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Lacks functional strength in the pass rush, struggling to disengage and too easily pushed past the pocket.
  • He’s perfectly capable of converting speed into power when Herbig gets to the ball, but too often he slips off tackles or turns into a grab-and-drag tackler rather than a hitter, failing to keep his legs driving through the hit.
  • He’s going to struggle at the point of attack. As a pass rusher, he lacks the ideal length to ward off blockers and too often allows linemen to get into his chest.
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