Curtis Blackwell
Offensive Line from Ball State 2021 Scouting Report
Curtis Blackwell
315 lbs
Ball State
Home town
Uniondale IN
Player Rating
FortyYD Time

Curtis Blackwell OL Ball State Scouting Report

Position rank: 60
40-yard dash time: 5.43-seconds
Height: 6-5, Weight: 315 lbs
  • Has the feet to adjust when he anticipates what's coming. Effective trapping and bends at the knees with adequate core strength to absorb the bull rush. Can clear a path at the second level if he hits the target.
  • Dips shoulder and moves his feet to get outside leverage when needed. Strong and low coming out of his stance, effective in short-yardage situations.
  • Anchors against larger defenders in the middle; resets hands to maintain distance. Athletic enough to help on nose tackle then pick up twist or late blitzer. Mirrors quick interior rushers. Looks to help the center when uncovered.
  • Moves well and squares to finish on the move. Better anchor than his height suggests and capable of absorbing a punch and recovering quickly.
  • Awareness is above-average for his limited experience. Sells trap block and can turn to seal. Fluid getting to and adjust at the second level.
  • Isn't an elite quick-twitch blocker and his height causes him to be out-quicked. Leaks inside pressure when his technique gets sloppy.
  • Not an explosive athlete and has limited range. Will pop upright off the snap and needs to stay balanced, avoid the habit of lunging.
  • Very raw technique, playing with inconsistent hand placement fails to sustain blocks.
  • Lacks foot speed to be a major threat as a lead blocker outside. Inconsistent latching on and gets lazy, bending at the waist.
  • Absorbs too many hits, delivers few. Technically unpolished and stops his feet on contact. Not a threat in space and lacks overall awareness.

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