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Jaxson Kirkland OT Washington | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Jaxson Kirkland OT Washington
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

40 time: 5.34 seconds
Height: 6-7 Weight: 310
Date of Birth: 07/30/1998 Age: 23.10
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Overall Rating: 84.2 / 100
Game performance weighted rating
Pass Blocking:
Run Blocking:
DRAFT GRADE: 3rd Position rank: #14
College Games: 39 College Snaps: 2563
ESPN College Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat.RecruitingStarRating ESPN  Stars (78/100)
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #87 Pos Rank: #48 State Rank: #5
College Combine Results
247 Sports Recruiting
Grade: Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars Model.PlayerDetailFlat._247_RecruitingStarRating Stars (86/100 )
Ovr Rank: #571 Pos Rank: #58
Draft Profile: Bio
Jaxson Kirkland from Jesuit High School was rated a 3 star recruit by ESPN and handed a 3 star grade by 247 Sports. Following high school, Kirkland opted to join Washington.

In 2018 as a freshman Kirkland saw action in 14 games and played on a total of 1011 snaps for the Huskies. He allowed 16 QB hurries, one QB hit, and one sack while playing at right guard.

As a sophomore in 2019 he played in 11 games and a total of 634 snaps. He conceded 6 QB hurries, one QB hit, and one sack while playing at right guard.

In 2020 as a junior Kirkland saw action in 4 games and totaled 264 snaps. He gave up 2 QB hurries, no QB hits, and no sacks while playing at left tackle.

In 2021 as a senior Kirkland saw action in 10 games and played on a total of 654 snaps for the Huskies. He allowed 8 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 3 sacks while playing at left tackle.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Finishes and doesn't quit; competitor with a positive attitude and leadership traits that coaches admire.
  • Puts his hands into the defender quickly and uses his arm length to prevent them from getting into his body
  • Fundamentally sound and understands blocking angles, using body positioning to his advantage. Disciplined awareness and good intelligence.
  • Best on the outside because of his height and quick feet, but is capable of blocking on the move.
  • Effective in space and usually drops his hips to get leverage and sustain against shorter defenders.
  • Has the versatility NFL teams covet as he's played both guard and tackle
  • One of best pass blockers in college football - a technician who gives up very few sacks
  • Mirrors fast edge rushers and gets out of his stance quickly without raising his pad level too much. He's done an excellent job handling counter moves
  • Above-average football smarts and general intelligence. Plays with a nasty streak. Solid character and work ethic.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • A good, not great athlete - will never be a pile driver. Although he has upped his weight by 10lbs in a bid to get stronger
  • Can be susceptible to speed rushers as he doesn't have great speed
  • Attacks when necessary, though he won't consistently dominate and can lose balance overextending.
  • Height can be a detriment in short-yardage, defenders can get under his pads to hold the line.
  • He strikes with excellent timing but will sometimes get beaten by defenders that can overpower him
  • To be a top prospect will need to add some mass to his 6' 7" frame
  • Not a dominator as a run blocker will need to improve leg drive in the NFL
Scouting Report: Summary
Kirkland is a very good prospect so long as he remains healthy. He's got the pass blocking skills that NFL teams love, although he does sometimes struggle in the power game, he grades out very well.

He has a ton of experience at a high level and has consistently produced top-notch play. Providing he can improve his strength in an NFL weight room he'll be looked at as an early starter at the next level and one of the best pass protectors in this year's class. After deciding to stay in school for 2022 we expect him to be selected in the second round of the 2023 NFL draft.
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