Liam Fornadel
Liam Fornadel  OL  James Madison | NFL Draft 2022 Souting Report - Portrait Image
Liam Fornadel
James Madison
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Wyckoff, NJ
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Liam Fornadel OL James Madison | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Liam Fornadel OL James Madison
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

40 time: 5.31 seconds
Height: 6-5 Weight: 311
Hands: 9 3/8 Arms: 31 1/2 Span: 78 1/8
Date of Birth: 06/17/1999 Age: 23.0
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Overall Rating: 58.0 / 100
Game performance weighted rating
Pass Blocking:
Run Blocking:
DRAFT GRADE: UDFA Position rank: #105
College Games: 27 College Snaps: 1810
  • Has average height with a narrow base out of his stance. Needs to get stronger in his lower half to anchor at the point of attack.
  • Finishes and doesn't quit; competitor with a positive attitude and leadership traits that coaches admire.
  • Anchors well and plays with the low center of gravity and natural bend to seal the inside lanes. Has violent hands with hustle to close off bubble screens and lead to flatten linebackers. Nasty demeanor and highly coachable.
  • Awareness is above-average for his limited experience. Sells trap block and can turn to seal. Fluid getting to and adjust at the second level.
  • Has the feet to adjust when he anticipates what's coming. Effective trapping and bends at the knees with adequate core strength to absorb the bull rush. Can clear a path at the second level if he hits the target.
  • Needs to work on his technique in pass protection, using more consistent leverage and continuing to move his feet.
  • Finesse blocker with average arm length who doesn't use his hands well to win at the point of attack.
  • Has inconsistent quickness and lacks the natural burst to maintain balance and block in space. Extends his arms, but has soft hands and doesn't jolt rushers.
  • Stops his feet after initial contact, relying on length but allowing defender to get the corner or spin inside.
  • Susceptible to speed rushers. Has only average quickness off the snap and doesn't possess the acceleration or arm length to corral defenders once they cross his face.
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