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Max Duggan QB TCU | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Max Duggan QB TCU
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

PLAY STYLE: Mobile Pocket Passer
Last Updated: 03/12/2023
Draft Year: 2023
40 time: 4.52 seconds (96%*)
Age: 23.2 DOB: 03/12/2001
Bowl Invite: Senior Bowl
Height: 6-2 (33%*) Weight: 207 (10%*)
Hands: 9 7/8 (64%*) Arm: 30 3/8 (13%*) Span: 73 3/8 (15%*)
Forty: 4.52 (C) (96%*) Shuttle: 4.45 (C) (26%*) Ten Yard: 1.55 (C) (96%*)
Vertical: 30.5 (C) (40%*) Broad: 116 (C) (77%*)
Three Cone: 7.26 (C) (22%*)
0% 100%
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other (HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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PLAY STYLE: Mobile Pocket Passer
Last Updated: 03/12/2023
Draft Year: 2023
40 time: 4.52 seconds (96%*)
Age: 23.2 DOB: 03/12/2001
Bowl Invite: Senior Bowl
0% 100%
Height: 6-2 (33%*) Weight: 207 (10%*)
Hands: 9 7/8 (64%*) Arm: 30 3/8 (13%*)
Span: 73 3/8 (15%*)
Forty: 4.52 (C) (96%*) Shuttle: 4.45 (C) (26%*)
10 Yard: 1.55 (C) (96%*)
Vertical: 30.5 (C) (40%*) Broad: 116 (C) (77%*)
3 Cone: 7.26 (C) (22%*)
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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Overall Rating: 78.0 / 100
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Defense Rating:
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Release Speed:
Short Passing:
Medium Passing:
Long Passing:
Overall Rank: #222 Position rank: #12
College Games: 45 College Snaps: 2869
Grade: 4 ESPN  Stars 4 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 80/100
College Combine Results
OVR Rank: #31 Pos Rank: #15 State Rank: #3
College Combine Results
Grade: 247 Sports 4  Stars 247 Sports 91 Stars 247 RATING: 91/100
Ovr Rank: #124 Pos Rank: #4
Los Angeles Chargers Drafted: ROUND: 7 - Pick Number: 239 (LAC)
Draft Profile: Bio
Max Duggan from Lewis Central High School was rated a 4-star recruit by ESPN and handed a 4-star grade by 247 Sports. After high school, Duggan opted to join TCU.

In 2019 as a freshman Duggan saw action in 12 games for the Horned Frogs as he threw for 2075 yards on 341 attempts with a completion percentage of 53.4 for an average of 6.1 yards per pass, with a solid 15 TDs, while taking 27 sacks, and a QB rating of 74.4. He added 106 runs for a total of 709 yards at an average of 6.7 per run.

In 2020 as a sophomore he played in 10 games as he passed for 1802 yards on 242 attempts with a completion percent of 59.9 for an average of 7.4 yards per pass, with a solid 10 TDs, while also taking 21 sacks, and putting up QB rating of 89.9. He made 100 runs for a total of 649 yards at an average of 6.5 per rush.

As a junior in 2021, Duggan played a total of 10 games. He passed for 2040 yards on 228 attempts and put up a completion percentage of 63.6 for an average of 8.9 yards per attempt, with a16 TDs, and allowed 20 sacks, with an excellent QB rating on the year of 104.8. As a runner, he logged 89 runs for a total of 497 yards at an average of 5.6 per run.

In 2022 as a senior Duggan was told that Chandler Morris would be the starter after Duggan's injury-hit inconsistent year in 2021. Rather than entering the transfer portal to find a new program, Duggan elected to remain at TCU and told his head coach Dykes that he intended to be the best backup quarterback in the country and that he'd do anything to help Morris succeed.

With the Frogs leading 17–6 in the 3rd quarter of the season-opener at Colorado, Morris injured his knee. Duggan came on in relief, leading the Frogs on two touchdown drives to pull away, 38-13. Duggan was handed the starting role for the rest of the season and finished with 3320 yards on 369 attempts with a completion percentage of 64.8 for an average of 9.0 yards per pass, with an outstanding 30 TDs, while taking 24 sacks, and totaling a career-best QB rating of 116.1. He added 97 runs for a total of 580 yards at an average of 6.0 per run.
Honors & awards
Duggan became the first Horned Frog to be named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year since Trevone Boykin in 2014 and the first TCU player to win the Davey O'Brien Award (named after former TCU quarterback Davey O'Brien) and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.
On December 6, he became the first TCU player since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2000 to be named a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. He would finish second in the Heisman voting, behind Caleb Williams of USC.
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Super tough signal caller, who will play through injuries. He's got a sturdy frame and a strong arm which will fit well in the pros
  • Able to extend the play and escape the rush in an effort to buy time
  • Uses his eyes well to keep safeties at bay - although probably needs to do this more often
  • Athletic quarterback who is a threat to leave the pocket and gain positive yardage at any time. Possesses very good vision balance, elusiveness, and excellent speed and power as a runner. Always battles for extra yardage and not afraid to take on linebackers
  • Gets the ball out quickly, making split-second decisions. Good short to intermediate-level accuracy, demonstrating the ball placement to allow receivers to run after the catch.
  • Duggan must be accounted for when used in the read-option game, especially in the redzone - where his skills show through
  • Good (not elite) arm strength and can easily make all the NFL throws with effortless deep passes.
  • Duggan plays with a confident demeanor and has the athleticism to move out of the pocket and create plays out of structure.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • His mechanics lack any kind of refinement, and he often plays erratically
  • Has only average long accuracy on his passes, and regularly displays poor footwork
  • Too often stares down his receivers leading to picks
  • Duggan often holds the ball too long. While he keeps his eyes up while moving, his mechanics get increasingly sloppy once he’s pushed off his spot.
  • Has struggled with his decision-making and needs to improve his pre-snap recognition skills to read defenses and see blitzes. Doesn't decipher information as quickly as you would like, but does see the entire field and understands coverage.
  • Probably not big enough to consistently hold up at the next level if continues to play with reckless abandon. He'll need to learn how to protect his body.
Player Comparison
Gardener Minshew
Scouting Report: Summary
On the surface, it seems Duggan should be an obvious top pro prospect, with good size, an experienced starter for a top program, a hundred-plus QB rating for his final two years, an elite scrambler with all the agility and speed you could hope for in a dual-threat QB and combined this with the fact he ended up second in the Heisman voting. However, despite all of these headline reasons to make him an obvious high round pick there are some major issues with Duggan's game.

He's very inconsistent as a passer and struggles reading defenses, which forces him to rely on his impressive running ability to get him out of trouble far too often. He's also not a particularly accurate QB who often makes his receivers reach for the ball and doesn't throw enough perfect passes.

Duggan will likely be viewed as late round pick by pro teams and a player who could start in a spread system, but who'll probably end up as a career backup at the pro level.

Max Duggan percentiles vs other Quarterbacks (NFL Combine historically - higher value represents better perfomance)

Update - 03/12/2023
Duggan has impressed so far at the Senior Bowl practices -- He's been one of the most consistent QB of the group. He's displayed impressive accuracy and poise under pressure.

During the Senior Bowl game he underperformed and held on to the ball far too long in limited action. Unfortunately, this probably nullified the good work from earlier in the week.

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